Plantar Fasciitis

Got plantar fasciitis? Last year a research study was published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine on the subject.
Dry needling was applied for 4 treatments over 2 weeks, the patient felt a 60% to 70% reduction in pain. . The patient was able to return to his activities of daily life with no increase in his pain. The  relief of this patient’s pain after 2 weeks of dry needling to additional locations suggests that treatment to other areas of the lower leg were beneficial to this patient’s outcome.

The use of dry needling and myofascial meridians in a case of plantar fasciitis.
Behnam A1, Mahyar S2, Ezzati K3, Rad SM3.
Author information
J Chiropr Med. 2014 Mar;13(1):43-8. doi: 10.1016/j.jcm.2014.01.006
Here is a link to the abstract
If you are having issues with plantar fasciitis pain ABR Acupuncture can help! Feel free to call, text or email

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Treating Tendons

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to share a research article on functional dry needling and acupuncture that shows the effectiveness of treating tendinopathy issues such as tennis elbow rotator cuff tendinosis.

Tendon needling for treatment of tendinopathy: a systematic review.



Phys Sportsmed. 2015 Jan 22:1-7. [Epub ahead of print]

Here is the link for the abstract

Two independent studies were reviewed and the results conclusions had similar outcomes.  The evidence suggests that needling improves conditions such as tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis, and rotator cuff tendinosis.

If you have any questions regarding treatment for any of these or other conditions please feel free to call, text or email me.

Have a great day!

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Origional Strength

Last weekend I attended a course on restoring functional movement called Original Strength.  The course is about taking a person back to the beginning of strength development.    Relearning how to move, the way that babies and toddlers move.  Starting with diaphragmatic breathing and rolling, to crawling, marching, and skipping, helps to create a functional strong body.

By incorporating these exercises in with acupuncture and dry needling treatments, we are able to help our patients get  back to functional movement faster.  Patients are not only able to increase mobility and range of motion, but they are strong and stable within that range and able to get back to activities that they love and want to do.

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“Text Neck” / Neck Pain

Hello Everyone,

Recently an article titled “A ‘Text Neck’ Epidemic?” by Lindsey Bever of The Washington Post, was printed in the Greensboro News and Record.  It discusses the impact of having your head in a forward posture for several hours on our phones a day while sending text messages, email, or checking social media.  What I have noticed is that people maintain this posture while on there computers and watching TV also.  The article discusses that with the increase in the angle of your head in a forward position, we also adds a significant amount of stress on our cervical spine.  This stress over extended periods of time can lead to neck pain, headaches, decreased range of motion, and possibly some neurological conditions.  Best advice is to not spend so many hours hunched over your phone or computer, and move as much as possible.

If you are suffering from neck pain and headaches that are due to technology use or other causes, ABR Acupuncture can help!  By releasing any soft tissue restrictions, muscle spasms and by giving you some corrective exercises and stretching, we can not only help you relieve your pain, but help to prevent it from coming back.

Have a Great Day!

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CrossFit and Acupuncture/Dry Needling

I have been going to CrossFit Versatile in Greensboro for just over a year now.  My overall fitness level has increased in so many ways, I won’t bore you with the details.

I have noticed that my body doesn’t always recover the way it used to and that there are times when my mobility and function have decreased.  This is where acupuncture and functional dry needling have come in to help me.  My fellow CrosssFitters at Versatile have noticed how it has helped them too.

Acupuncture and functional dry needling can aid an athlete in post workout recovery, normalize tissue that isn’t functioning properly, and increase mobility.  By helping an athlete with these issues, we help them return to activity with better overall function, which helps to prevent injury, or further injury and improve overall performance.

If CrossFit is your activity of choice and you are looking to improve your performance, mobility and recovery, give us a call and see how we can help.

Have a great day!

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Why ?

Hello Everyone!
Rob Balkind with ABR Acupuncture here in Greensboro NC.
Everyday I work with patients treating their pain.
When I meet people they always ask what I do and what acupuncture and dry needling is helpful for.
The what I do question is easy, I use acupuncture, dry needling and soft tissue manipulation (massage therapy) to treat painful conditions like low back and neck pain.
I feel that the WHY of what I do is really a more important question
I treat people with acupuncture, dry needling and soft tissue manipulation for one very simple reason, I truly enjoy helping people get out of pain and improve their functional movement. Here at ABR Acupuncture my goal is to get my patients back to their activities as quickly as possible.
I use acupuncture, dry needling and soft tissue manipulation because I feel that these treatment methods along with some corrective exercises are the most effective tools for treating movement dysfunction and pain.

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How acupuncture, dry needling and kettlebells can help your low back pain.

Update 2:  So I finished my 60 days and feel that my back is stronger.  I have had some issues since the end of my daily swings, but I feel that it is owner operator error!  I stopped my swings for a couple of weeks and did some heavy deadlifts.  I had some mild back pain from it.  With some massage therapy, chiropractic work and some dry needling, my back has improved quickly.  I have gone back to swinging my kettlebells several times a week.

If you are interested in the swing, here is a great article that can get you started

Update:  I just wanted to share my personal experience with using kettlebells and my back pain.  For the past month I have been doing 60 seconds of swings daily (well….most days) and here are the results. My back pain has mostly been gone!  If my back did get tight due to other exercise, rowing in particular, the tightness wasn’t anything that lasted more than a day or so.  In the past the pain would keep me from activity for up to a month.  I have also been pain free when getting out of bed in the morning.  Overall I feel that there has been a tremendous change in my overall strength and stability.

Recently I read an article written by a neurosurgeon about back pain and kettlebells.  Here is a link to the article

I feel that this article gives us a great prospective on how strength plays a role in our overall prevention and  recovery from injury.  Here at ABR Acupuncture, we stress that the needles can help decrease pain and muscle  spasms, but the strengthening exercises that we try to incorporate into treatments are as important as treatments.

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Dry Needling/Acupuncture for Low Back Pain -Greensboro, NC

Hello Everyone,
Rob Balkind with ABR Acupuncture here to discuss low back pain and how Functional Dry Needling and Acupuncture can help.
There are many different definitions of low back pain. Some patients will describe a dull ache in their lumbar spine. Others will report sciatic pain that runs down the leg. Low back pain can be an annoyance with low level of constant pain or it can be debilitating with severe pain that restricts a person’s ability to function.
At ABR Acupuncture each patient is evaluated with the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, and treated with a plan that has been created for them.
A combination of Trigger Point Massage Therapy with Functional Dry Needling is used to treat the dysfunctional tissue. The treatments will decrease muscle spasms, and help to eliminate trigger points to decrease the patients overall pain and restore normal functional movement for the patient.

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ABR Acupuncture-Dry Needling for Pain Relief -Greensboro, NC

Hello Greensboro NC. My name is Robert (Rob) Balkind and I am an acupuncturist here in Greensboro. My practice, ABR Acupuncture, is within Healing Hands Chiropractic 2105-c West Cornwallis Drive 27408.
The primary focus of my practice is pain management. Common conditions that I treat are lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip pain, tennis and golfer’s elbow, plantar fasciitis and migraine headaches.
I use a combination of different treatments including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Functional Trigger Point Dry Needling, Myofascial Release/ Massage Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy to treat pain and dysfunction.
If you have any questions, or wish to set up an appointment feel free to call, 209-9842 or send me an email

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Welcome to ABR Acupuncture in Greensboro, NC

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to ABR Acupuncture!  If you are a new patient, please go to forms, print out and fill out the intake forms to bring into your initial treatment.

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