Top 5 Reasons To Try Functional Dry Needling For Pain Relief

1. Improved mobility. 

Dry needling leads to increased range of motion (ROM).  Needling stimulates the muscle tissue, allowing it to release from chronic contractions.  Many patients see an increase in after their first treatment .

2. Less pain. 

Dry needling stimulates the muscle’s healing process. Pain can occur when a muscle or muscle group is over stimulated,  Dry needling creates a reset in the muscle which helps  to restore  proper function.

3. Injury prevention. 

Not only can dry needling stop pain from injury, it can also prevent future injuries.   As improved mobility and function are restored, your body returns to healthy state — improved mobility and function results in less risk for injury.

4. Improved performance. 

As previously stated, dry needling  improved function.  It allows for proper muscle lengthening.  When the muscle tissue is functioning properly, an athlete can work at his/her optimum level and improve performance.  Dry needling helps set you up for enhanced performance.

5. Fewer side effects — for both your body and your bank account.

Many medications carry a host of side effects. Dry needling is a natural solution with no long-term side effects. Needling can be repeated as needed without risk to your body. And dry needling is significantly less expensive than injections and/or surgical procedures, making it a choice that is not only effective, but financially smart as well.


If you have any pain issues and are looking at alternatives to medication and surgery, give us a call!

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